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  • Dr Minni and her staff are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you may have. They are there to help you every step of the way. I have been given more information about my specific health concerns from Dr Minni and her staff than I’ve ever been given from any medical doctor before. The program is easy to understand and follow. Classes are held regularly to help you understand how nutrition works and proper exercise techniques. This program is worth every penny and more.
    Natalie Lynne Ward
  • I have been on the program for just over 6 weeks. I came in with a long list of symptoms, the major problem for me is muscular pain. I have been to several regular M.D. and specialists to figure out what is wrong with me. But they all seem to blow me off when I'm upfront about not wanting to take opioids. Dr. Minni is the first doctor to be honest with me. She gave me hope in the first meeting but was also realistic. So far my pain is definitely less than before I met her. I came in for pain but my labs show other issues that all my other doctors overlooked. We are a whole person not just symptoms. If you want a doctor who will be through, kind, and has great knowledge of wellness THIS is the place to go.
    Lauren Ashlie Dushman
  • I'm Kim. Okay, both of my parents died of heart disease and both of my siblings died of cancer. That's really why I came because I don't want to have either one of those. I'm a cancer survivor myself. When I heard Dr. Minni, I thought I need to do whatever I can do to be the best I could be. Thank you Dr Minni for your help on putting me on this path.
  • This has been a very significant thing for us, my wife and I. Not only losing weight was a big, I lost 40 pounds. I feel much more energetic than I have. I can't remember when I had this much energy and I'm out running my 30 something employees and climbing on rows and things that I haven't any done in a long time. That's a very exciting thing, very exciting thing to be able to walk up the stairs without panting. It's a big deal for me. So, I thank Dr. Minnie and the staff and I realize that we are nowhere close to the end of this thing and we will definitely stay connected with you because it's a journey. All of this, it's a journey to health. It's a journey that we're all going to keep on taking as long as we live. Thank you so much.
    Mark Burroghs
  • Dr. Minni is very knowledgeable, she not only relies on blood test, but a multitude of whole body results before making a proper diagnosis and treatment program. A normal MD has about 15 minutes per patient. How can you properly treat anything? With Dr. Minni, she spends hours reviewing results, researching, and properly treating with the culmination of multitudes of test. Her staff is personable and efficient. I would highly recommend Anchor Wellness who truly wants to obtain maximum health, not just cover up symptoms with a "band aid" like approach in which a lifetime of drugs is the prescription.
    Nancy Ingram